How to Setup

Apycom DHTML Menu comes with two files that can be found in the "js/" subdirectory in this download:

apymenu.js - menu engine and

data.js - data file with menu parameters (this file may be renamed, but must include the '.js' extension)

Place these files to any folder of your html project and add a reference to the files within your HTML page. You can use both absolute and relative coordinates to position the menu.

Absolute position

Paste the following code into tag

and set coordinates of top-left menu corner in the data file, example

var absolutePos=1;

var posX=30;

var posY=110;

Relative position

Paste the following code into tag

and paste the following code within your html page in a position you want the menu to appear

for example into a table cell

*** Crossframe mode ***

Paste following code into tag of page with top menu

Be sure you have frameset "ID" and frame "NAME" properties in your frameset. Example:

id="fset" rows="130,*">

name="frm1" xsrc="topmenu.html">

name="frm2" xsrc="content.html">

Then replace the standard apy_init(); function at the end of data.js file by the apy_initFrame function:

apy_initFrame (framesetID, mainFrameInd, subFrameInd, orientation);


    framesetID - id of tag;

    mainFrameInd - number of top menu frame (frame where the top menu will be placed) >=0;

    subFrameInd - number of submenus' frame >=0;

    orientation - 0 - horizontal frame orientation; 1 - vertical frame orientation.

Example, based on the previous frameset example:

    apy_initFrame ("fset", 0, 1, 0);

That's all. Notice you DO NOT need to insert any additional code to pages in other frames! 

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